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little BIG sis.

The picture I landed on today couldn't have been more fitting. I almost missed my window because I've been on zoom for the past few hours with a group of phenomenal women I've recently joined. I lucked up and got to be one of the youngest in the bunch which means that 85% of everything that was said by these gorgeous, radiant, older, wiser, and more adapted Black women hit me right in the chest. Nuggets of advice were sprinkled between laughter and the sounds of active listening. No mute button needed. The flow was right.

I remember the day I called my little big sister to tell her that I needed her. Not like, literally- there was technically no emergency or anything. However, it had come to my attention that I'd missed a lot of the lessons that girls learn in adolescence, especially when it comes to dating and being ladylike, and I was tired of making all of the basic ass mistakes that come with a lack of guidance, or so I assumed. So, I called her and basically said "I need you to be my big sister. I know we don't really have that kind of relationship (We're like 12 years apart and have different moms), but I need it." Her reply: "Okay. I don't really know what all that entails but we can do it." I laugh about it now, but that conversation- the honesty and vulnerability of it, literally opened the door for the start of a phenomenal journey.

So, this one's for you, Daddy Suga. Thank you for not just hearing me, but for showing up in this learning experience as your most authentic self. This sisterhood shit is not for the faint and I am forever grateful for the memories we've made singing purple rain in a crowd of cowboy hats, laying out at the pool, laughing hysterically at everything, and talking on the phone for hours about the world we know, and the dreams we believe in. I know Daddy was and is still hella proud that we've made it here and I look forward to all that is to come.

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