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The Challenge of a challenge.

It's funny how something you love so much can become a burden as time goes on. I remember being addicted to paper and pen. Writing was my chosen form of liberation and my imagination would take me a million places if I let it. I don't exactly know when I put my pen down but I know for sure it's been a few years.

I think I initially might have loosened my grip on the pen in response to the first blog I made. It was less of a blog really... more of a collection of poems and elaborate emotional thoughts streamed together. When I first became "a writer", all I cared to write about was love. Well, my idea of it anyway. Lots of deep words to convey longing and illicit phrases to tickle the fancies of my muses. I started out in a small journal, writing poems with ideas far above my mind's ability to actually comprehend. By the time I graduated to blogspot tho, I was fully initiated into the world I'd been imaginatively writing about for years. Salacious tales of lustful nights turned toxic mornings followed by invitations to my very own monogamous trysts. I was deep, or so I thought. lol! Eventually I ... wait. This isn't what this is supposed to be about lol!

Long story short- I stopped writing for fun. At 27 I became a grant writer. Big mistake! There's nothing about that process that I enjoyed and if I never write another one it would be too soon. At 33 I've decided that I miss that part of myself, but getting back accustomed to it is a little harder than I thought it'd be. Much like with reading, working out, and a whole host of other things I enjoyed in my 20s, trying to figure out how to incorporate my hobbies into my life now is like pulling teeth lol. If you've ever followed my other IG pages you know that I've started multiple businesses, diet plans, work out challenges, and reading lists- none of which I committed to past 3 days. If I'm honest, I've just never really been the commitment type. (Another other story for another day lol) The idea of committing to something, or even completing a task scares the shit out of me and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. It's something I've struggled with for longer than I can remember and I'm high key over it lol.

So, here we are. It's June 1st and I'm challenging myself. Every single day this month, I'm going to write. To keep it interesting I'm going to use an idea I saw floating around IG: Every day, scroll through your camera roll without looking, stop on a photo and write about it. Fiction, non-fiction, blog, poetry, whatever is clever.

Now, this picture isn't really relevant at first glance, but if you check out the computer screen, it's an old iteration of my company's website. The one where I offer copywriting services because I'm an incredibly talented writer and ideator... yea. I know. Smh.

It's amazing how easy it is to believe in yourself enough to help other people succeed. Why is it so hard to believe enough to help yourself?

Anyway... So, uh- yea. Ready. Set. Go! 🌻


Oh yea... unrelated but related - I recently lost 10 pounds by using Noom and I've actually been able to keep it off! This is the first time in a long time that I've been successful at anything. My goal is 60 pounds and I know I'll get there, but it has definitely required something new from me. Consistent weigh ins even when I didn't want to, food logging, and taking 3-4 mins in the morning to learn more about how to be in control of what I eat. What I love the most about it tho is that it's not restrictive. I thoroughly enjoyed #TacoTuesday with a nice adult beverage and a piece of cake for dessert, and I'm still making progress. #PortionControlIsYourFriend My success here is definitely a big key to making the decision to start this writing challenge. If you're interested in trying it out, use my link for a free trial period and discount!

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